Intruder Alarms


When thinking about property protection, one of the first things that come in mind is an Intruder/Burglar Alarm System. These days alarms can offer variety of protection options and can be easily adjusted and designed to each Customers requirements. It can be wired or wireless, self-monitored or monitored by dedicated Monitoring Centre, have key holder response or Police Response and much more. So why should you consider protecting your property by having Intruder Alarm, what benefits it can offer and which option to go for?

  1.  Protecting Your Property

While no security system can guarantee to stop a break in, an intruder alarm is very beneficial by reducing amount of time an intruder will have within the property. Upon intruder detection the sounder goes off and certainly throws spanner in the works by attracting 'unwanted attention'. The sounder could be notifying people within the property, neighbors or even people walking by. 

    2.  Works as Deterrent

As part of your alarm system, there will be an external siren installed outside. Where possible, the siren will be installed in the most visible area to indicate that the property is protected by an alarm system. External sounders installed by Edwards Fire and Security has a clear logo markings, indicating that the system is installed and/or maintained by us - an SSAIB approved company. Often, these details deter any burglars from entering the premises.

    3. Can be self-monitored remotely

All our newly installed alarm systems can be self-monitored, some of the older type systems can also be upgraded to allow this feature. Self-monitoring can be done via designated App and required internet connection, the App is run on an annual subscription and allows:

  • Remote monitoring from anywhere in the world

  • Arming and Disarming of the system remotely via the App

  • Customizable Push Notifications 

  • Available for both IOS and Android

  • Multi System App which can also monitor CCTV

  • Have Multiple Users

    4. Can be monitored by Monitoring Centre and have Police Response

For extra security all our systems can be connected to a monitoring center and either have key holder response or police response. This option would notify monitoring center upon detection of intruder, who thereafter would either notify customer and/or chosen key holder and/or local police force. 

    5. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies would reduce their premiums based on the fact that the property is protected by an adequate intruder alarm. Such systems must be in full working order, regularly maintained by an approved contractor and comply with relevant BS Standards. To find out full requirements, please contact your insurance provider.

    6. Other Features

Intruder Alarms can be connected to the property's fire alarm system and trigger an alarm upon detection of Fire, it can be connected to a flood detection to alert upon flooding or connected to an external sensors for notifications upon detection movement detection and more.

Generally intruder alarms don't require a lot of self-care. It should be always serviced once per annum for a basic system and twice per annum for monitored systems by an approved specialist contractor. Most of the new systems can also be connected for a remote dial in ability, which allows us to diagnose and/or rectify some of the issues immediately without the need of engineer presence. 

If you feel like intruder alarm might be an option for you, then contact us to get a free no obligation quote!